At Tribute, our goal is to provide an active, comfortable setting while working to slow the progression of age-related memory impairment.

Companions Approach

Companions Approach is a model & approach to care. It is understanding that language matters. More importantly, it is understanding that if you’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s, you’ve met just one person with Alzheimer’s. We are with you, so you are not alone in this journey.

Good Alzheimer’s care focuses on what is happening in the moment, and every activity (when skillfully managed) has the potential to be therapeutic.

Success is not measured by an outcome, but by involvement in the activity itself. The focus is on the process of doing something, not on the look of the finished product.

Person Centered Care Approach

Person Centered Care is an abilities based approach to fulfill the social, psychological & physical needs of a person who is actively again or afflicted with a cognitive impairment. We focus on each person’s retained abilities (and bring them out) instead of focusing on the abilities that they have lost. This research-based approach is applied to all aspects of care and is highlighted in the engagement programs giving residents a sense of purpose in the care they receive.

When we learn about each person’s prior profession or lifestyle, we are able to provide outlets and conversations in their everyday care that could bring meaning to them.

Brain Fitness and Health Technology

A growing research trend shows that BOTH physical and mental exercise is vital in maintaining a happy and empowered lifestyle. At Tribute Senior Living we will offer a Brain Fitness program that challenges and tests the brain and mind in stimulating and fun ways. This technology is accessible via computers or tablets.

Validation Therapy

Validation was developed by Naomi Feil in 1963 to help those with Alzheimer’s & related disorders in the later stages of life. The heart of Validation is communicating acceptance of the feelings of another person. It is reaching out with empathy to the person with memory impairment. It is an approach that allows those with memory impairment to work through unresolved feelings from their past. The Validation technique assists in the restoration of dignity of individuals. It is a philosophy of care. Through the use of specific communication techniques within Validation, begin to enter their reality and provide meaningful dialogue with a person.

On-Site Evaluation

Tribute Senior Living will partner with a local Medical Partner to provide on-site medical research for memory loss diseases and their progressions. More information will be available soon.

Stimulating Activities

As stated above, every activity (when skillfully managed) has the potential to be therapeutic. With the help of our activities coordinator, our residents participate in a variety of engaging and stimulating activities ranging from arts and crafts, listening to music, scrapbooking, physical exercise programs such as yoga and tai chi, and community outreach opportunities.

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