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A Message From Our President – Charles Hodges

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Christmas: The Season of Presence

Yes, presence, not presents, just being there. We all crave interaction more than things, stuff, and gift cards. 

Being in the center of a crowded kitchen in the throes of producing a big meal is the best present I can receive. 

Time together is the greatest gift and really what we all cherish. We have enough stuff.

The garage is full, the barn is full, the mini warehouse is full, and the attic is unapproachable! Time being present is what our residents deserve and really want.

My mom and I spent our time working on crossword puzzles, even after she lost her vision. She looked forward to me coming and reading the clues, and together we tried to solve the best the New York Times could offer. It never really mattered if we finished it, it only mattered that she was there with her only child stretching our brain cells together.

Tribute is designed to be a place of “busy.” Busy hands, minds, and imaginations; workouts for all the senses. Our campus reflects our vision. You are never too old to learn, grow, experience, remember, play, listen, sing, dance: and be present. Sometimes the residents comment that they are so busy with no time to rest. Exactly the feedback that is music to my ears. A busy life is a vibrant life. Learning new arts, music, exercises, poetry, breathing techniques, and sewing skills are all additives to a vibrant life.  

We strive to offer endless activities at Tribute and seek out staff members who want to be present. Not just there but present in every way.

The happiest holidays are times of togetherness. Be present during this holiday. 

Whether it’s for a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, or a shared cup of coffee, be present.

As always, Tribute has a full calendar of events during the season of giving, and we invite you to visit our residents day or night, for that visit is the greatest gift you could ever give.

Who knows, you might learn a new word, song, stitch, stretch, brush stroke, or hymn. Or you might hold hands in pure, blessed silence where no words are necessary. 

Just be present, and gifts lasting forever will be yours.

From all of the Tribute family, we wish you a crowded kitchen and a blessed holiday.

In Tribute to our residents,


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