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Can My Loved One Move into a Senior Living Community During COVID?



Imagine if your loved one had a serious fall but no place to safely recover with around-the-clock care. Or their physical health is rapidly declining, and your time and effort are not enough to care for them. Or maybe they are lonely and desire friendships.

Though COVID disrupted many “normal” activities, the need for senior housing and nursing care for our loved ones remains a necessity. Whatever the reason, senior living communities are here to help—including Tribute Senior Living.

Is it safe?

There are federal, state, and local COVID guidelines in place to make senior living communities safer than ever. High-quality senior living establishments learned to adapt to COVID regulations quickly and effectively to protect their residents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID in senior living communities.

Safety precautions include:

  • Limiting or eliminating nonessential visits

  • Social distancing

  • Training staff on new procedures

  • Providing hand sanitizer, soap, and other cleaning supplies around the facility

  • Delivering meals to rooms or staggering mealtimes

  • Daily symptom checks for staff and residents

Senior living centers are finding new and innovative ways to approach healthcare. Always check with a community to find out how they keep residents safe.

The Benefits of Senior Living During COVID

Even before the pandemic, most senior living communities handled necessities for residents; now, those services are even more relevant and practical. Many communities have delivery systems in place for groceries, meals, medicine, and other supportive services. When these necessities are handled onsite, it eliminates exposure to the virus.

Because aging adults are a vulnerable group, strict policies play a vital role in safety. Along with meticulous safety precautions, many communities have adopted contact tracing and testing methods for residents, staff, and visitors. With vaccines becoming available, senior living also makes it easier for residents to get vaccinated.

Rules and regulations create safe environments for our loved ones but can also lead to loneliness. Senior living communities allow loved ones to maintain friendships while following CDC guidelines. Communities implemented new procedures for small gatherings, distanced activities, and virtual programming to maintain social events and resident safety.

How Tribute Senior Living Approaches Safety

Our mission is to keep residents positive, healthy, and safe while engaging in regular and new activities. Here are some fun programs we provide:.

  • Massages: To help our residents cope with the stress and anxiety of the pandemic, one of our caregivers, who is also a licensed massage therapist, offers weekly massages.

  • Family Visits: Tribute Senior Living takes family and community involvement very seriously. When the pandemic hit, it was necessary to remove nonessential visits, allowing residents to only see family members through a window. As time went by, we made improvements to visiting protocol and created an interactive hugging booth.

  • Tribute Fit: Our Tribute Fit program encourages residents to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally strong while engaging with others to offset isolation and depression. You can find a full list of activities on our calendar.

Our team continues to update procedures and implement innovative ideas to give our residents a safe and engaging place to live during COVID and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about Tribute Senior Living, and our COVID protocols.

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