Yes – we said physical fitness! It is the key to quality of life and when done well, it is fun.

Tribute Senior Living takes fitness seriously. Research shows that adults in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even beyond who participate in regular physical activity can see great improvements in life, wellness, and happiness.

We have customized fitness equipment and programs designed to enhance strength, balance, and mobility. We also offer daily exercise classes, including Tai Chi, yoga, and stretching. Our Director of Wellness will custom design a program specifically for each resident and encourage them to exercise regularly.

HUR Senior Fitness & Exercise Equipment

Our fitness center offers strength training and wellness solutions from HUR, the leader in fitness equipment for seniors. HUR smart touch technology adjusts resistance and positioning to each clients’ personalized training program.

Biodex Balance System

Falls are the greatest fear for most seniors, and with good reason – they can be devastating. We aim to prevent them.

The Biodex Balance System SD is a sophisticated and easy-to-operate piece of equipment that’s designed to improve balance, increase agility, and develop muscle tone. It is the only system of its kind that provides a fast, accurate Fall Risk Screening and a Conditioning Program to help prevent falls.


It’s not only important to exercise your body — but to thrive and be your best self, you also have to exercise your brain. When it’s done right, brain fitness is fun. Studies and experience have shown that the old saying “use it or lose it” is true for both body and mind. The key is how you “use it.”

Tribute Senior Living provides research-based, engaging programs designed to improve body, mind, and spirit. Our programs are created to improve concentration and memory, helping to regain lost abilities and offset the effects of aging and/or memory-related diseases. In addition to our computer-based programs, we also have fun, brain-building activities that encourage socialization, including puzzles, board games, and card games we all love. Our Director of Life Enrichment has designed our programs for maximum fun AND benefit. Check out our clubs!