Intervention Programs

“The act of interfering with the outcome or course especially of a condition or process (as to prevent harm or improve functioning)”

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it.

At Tribute Senior Living, we take a science-based approach to creating programs specifically designed to improve the overall health, well-being and enjoyment of our residents.

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Studies based on pooled data of older adults (at risk of malnutrition), show nutritional interventions have a positive effect on energy intake and body weight. Dietary counseling combined with Oral Nutritional Supplements is the most effective intervention.

At Tribute we create not only nutritious, but also delicious meals for our residents every day.  Our physician makes recommendations for any additional supplements residents may need and our health coach provides nutritional counseling for residents to support optimum health.

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Inflammation Reduction

Dr. Paula Grammas, Chief Research Officer for Tribute Senior Living believes that chronic inflammation reduction is at the core of many diseases.

Dr. Grammas works closely with Tribute to discover and implement programs to reduce chronic inflammation and promote overall improvement in health and brain function.

Check out some of the things we have learned and are the basis for the choices we make for our residents at Tribute daily.

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Brain Fitness /

It’s not only important to exercise your body.  In order to thrive and be your best self, you also must exercise your brain.
When it’s done right, brain fitness can be life changing.

Studies and experience have shown that the old saying “use it or lose it” is true for both body and mind. The key is how you “use it.”
Tribute Senior Living provides research-based, engaging programs designed to improve body, mind and spirit.

Our programs are created to improve concentration and memory, helping to regain lost abilities and offset the effects of aging and/or memory-related diseases. We call it “Neurobics.”

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Physical Fitness –
Move or Rust!

Yes – we said physical fitness! It is the key to quality of life and at Tribute, it is fun.

Tribute Senior Living takes fitness seriously. Research shows that adults in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even beyond who participate in regular physical activity can see great improvements in life, wellness and happiness.

We have customized fitness equipment and programs designed to enhance strength, balance and mobility. Studies show that physical exercise also increases brain mass and ability.

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How do you define a great life? What makes life worth living?

For most of us, quality of life means that we feel good, and we have the energy and the opportunity to do the things that we enjoy and find rewarding.

Sometimes, as we age, we find that we have gotten away from those things – Tribute is designed to bring your loved one back to the things that make their life fulfilling. How much better could your loved one’s life be if they were active, engaged and felt good again? Studies show the importance of interacting with others of our own peer group, not just family members.  Learn how our residents engage with others in life at Tribute!

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Fight Club

Want in on the great lifestyle that Tribute offers? While living in your own home, you too can be part of our Community Outreach Program – Fight Club!

Fight Club is a unique opportunity to be proactive for those that want to fight for their best life. It enables those living at home the same benefits of learning about Tribute’s individually planned approach to physical fitness, nutrition, brain fitness and inflammation reduction programs. You too can be Tribute FIT!  Click “Read More” below to find out how to join Fight Club.

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“The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it.”