Tribute’s Senior Memory Care Home in McKinney, TX Keeps Residents Healthy
Using Neurobics and Nutrition

After the age of 65, dementia and Alzheimer’s can enter our lives and affect our ability to care for ourselves. If you or a loved one needs help due to the onset of memory impairment, we can help. Tribute Senior Living is a memory care home in McKinney, TX that serves our community with innovative programs designed to improve the quality of life of our residents. 

Why We Can't Always Provide the Care Our Loved Ones Need

When looking after aging loved ones who are experiencing cognitive issues, we all have our limitations. 

Some of the reasons why you might need to move your loved one into a memory care facility include:

  • A lack of medical knowledge by you and your immediate family.
  • The person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s has an aging spouse.
  • There is not enough room in your family home to properly look after a senior-aged family member.
  • You or your loved one are suffering from memory issues that require 24/7 supervision.

Tribute Senior Living has over two decades of experience in research and development into the needs and cares of aging seniors. We have highly skilled interventions and specialty staff members who bring a research-based, innovative approach to care. You’ll not find this in other senior care homes in McKinney.

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    Research-basedInterventional Care

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    Two decades of research and development


    A T.E.A.M. based approach


    24-hour Onsite Nursing


    On-staff medical director

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    On-site fitness 7-days a week


    Nutritional Coach

    move incoordinator

    Move-in coordinator


    Brain fitness & engagement programs

    Why Choose Our Memory Care Home in McKinney, Texas For Senior Living?

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    Tribute’s caregivers are committed to building relationships and friendships with all our residents and their families. We want you or your loved ones to age safely with us and have a wonderful experience while you are here. 

    Our facilities offer a place that caters to the specific needs of aging seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our staff’s skills and training ensure that all our residents receive excellent memory care, along with 24-hour onsite nursing and an on-staff medical director. This allows us to provide the best medical care possible, day or night.

    It’s also important that our residents not only receive medical attention but find daily emotional fulfillment and mental stimulation. Tribute’s brain fitness and engagement programs ensure that our residents work on their memory retention to live the best lives possible.

    How McKinney Seniors Stay Fit and Healthy with Tribute's Memory Care

    Tribute Senior Living takes a science-based approach to improving the lives of our residents.

    Our onsite fitness facilities are available seven days a week, and we have a nutritional coach who helps keep our residents eating a healthy diet. We have created programs that are specially designed to improve the health and well-being of our residents.


    Nutrition Programs

    We serve delicious and nutritious meals using the recommendations of our physician and health coach. This ensures that our residents get the necessary supplements and nutritional counseling required to maintain their health at an optimum level.


    Physical Fitness Programs

    Physical exercises increase brain mass and ability, so our senior residents get regular fitness time. We use customized equipment which enhances what our senior residents need most: mobility, strength, and balance. For those aged 70-99, this activity shows improvements in physical and mental wellness.


    Brain Fitness Programs

    Tribute’s research-based programs for brain fitness are called “neurobics” and are designed to exercise the brain. We encourage our residents to keep their minds active with exercises that improve concentration and memory. This is especially important for those receiving memory care because it helps offset the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Tribute Helps You Live Life to the Fullest

    Are you looking for senior memory care in McKinney, Tx? Our friendly and professional staff are available to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about senior care. We’d love you invite you in for a tour. Reach out to us today to find out why Tribute stands apart from other local senior care communities, especially for those needing progressive assisted living!

    We provide dementia care services in various locations, including Prosper, Frisco, Little Elm, and more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Memory care provides specialized care and support for individuals with memory loss or cognitive impairments, while nursing homes offer 24-hour medical care for individuals with complex medical needs. Memory care communities are designed to provide a safe and secure environment with specialized programming, while nursing homes provide a higher level of medical care and typically have more extensive medical staff.

    While both memory care and assisted living provide support for seniors, memory care homes offer specialized care for individuals with memory impairments, while assisted living is typically focused on providing support with daily living activities.

    Yes, family members are encouraged to be involved in the care of their loved ones in memory care homes, and many facilities offer opportunities for family members to participate in care planning and visit their loved ones.

    Choosing the right memory care home for your loved one requires careful research and consideration of factors such as location, cost, services offered, and the facility's reputation for quality care. It's important to visit potential facilities in person and ask plenty of questions to ensure that you find the best fit for your loved one's unique needs.

    “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”.

    – Misty Copeland