Searching for Exceptional Senior Alzheimer’s Care Facilities
in Plano TX? Tribute Senior Living is Your Top Choice

If you’re seeking Alzheimer’s care facilities in Plano, TX, our team is here to assist you. We provide specialized care tailored to every senior grappling with Alzheimer’s, ensuring they receive unparalleled attention. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals dedicated to assisted living. Moreover, we integrate the latest research findings in nutrition, brain training, inflammation reduction, and physical fitness to boost the overall well-being of our residents.

We facilitate a smooth transition into memory care for you or your loved one, answering any questions and managing relocation logistics. Contact Tribute Senior Living today to explore our comprehensive range of memory care solutions.

Tribute's Memory Care Residences Provide Outstanding Alzheimer's Care

When it comes to Alzheimer’s care, a diverse approach is needed. That’s why Tribute offers a range of carefully tailored care tiers to meet the needs of elderly individuals. Choosing Tribute means selecting a dedicated caregiving team capable of assisting your family member with daily tasks while providing engaging events and activities to enhance their quality
of life.

If you’re unsure whether memory care is suitable for your loved one, our team is here to provide valuable guidance. Deciding between Assisted Living and Memory Care can be complex, but we’re here to help.

As a general guideline, your family member may be ready for memory care if they:

  • Exhibit behavior changes that are challenging to manage at home.
  • Experience a decline in physical well-being, affecting self-care and medical adherence.
  • Caregivers are experiencing exhaustion, compromising safety for both them and their loved ones.
  • Show signs of confusion, disorientation, and a tendency to wander, posing safety risks.

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    Research-basedInterventional Care

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    Two decades of research and development


    A T.E.A.M. based approach


    24-hour Onsite Nursing


    On-staff medical director

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    On-site fitness 7-days a week


    Nutritional Coach

    move incoordinator

    Move-in coordinator


    Brain fitness & engagement programs

    What Sets Tribute Apart in as an Alzheimer's Care Facility in Plano, TX?

    When it comes to Alzheimer’s care, memory care often emerges as the preferred choice due to the availability of secure facilities and caregivers with specialized training. However, Tribute goes above and beyond by offering multiple memory care neighborhoods, each designed to meet the diverse care needs of seniors, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their well-being.

    Mountain Neighborhood: Specifically designed for individuals with mild cognitive impairment, offering specialized assisted living. Residents can actively engage in vibrant activities and events.

    Prairie Neighborhood: for those who require minimal cognitive support and maintain a balance between independence and assistance. Residents enjoy an active lifestyle with access to medical and physical support. Apartments feature kitchenettes and spacious bathrooms.

    River Neighborhood: Tailored for residents experiencing mild to severe memory impairment, providing the highest level of care and support. Personalized memory care addresses residents’ needs comprehensively.

    Ensuring resident safety is our utmost priority. Each unit is equipped with easily wearable or carryable emergency buttons. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is available 24/7 to promptly address any situation that may arise.

    Our Holistic Approach to Alzheimer's Care in Plano

    Our care for your loved ones is guided by two fundamental principles that transcend life stages: inclusivity and preserving human dignity. Our devoted staff meticulously tailor their approach to each resident, meeting them at their individual point and attentively addressing their unique needs.

    Residents can choose between private or shared accommodations, catering to both self-reliant individuals and those who prefer shared living spaces. Each room is customizable and designed with ample light and space. Regardless of the neighborhood, residents have access to a range of amenities, including sensory rooms, an on-site salon, sheltered atriums, and a courtyard area, all of which enhance their quality of life.

    Tribute Encourages Seniors to Embrace an Active Lifestyle

    If you are looking for the premier Alzheimer care facility in Plano, TX, we’re here to help. Our team is committed to facilitating a seamless transition into memory care for you or your loved one by addressing inquiries thoroughly and assisting with the relocation process.

    Contact Tribute Senior Living today for more information about our memory care offerings.

    “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”.

    – Misty Copeland