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When searching for senior living options for yourself or a family member, it’s only natural to aspire to find the highest level of quality. This entails a residence that aids in a seamless and cozy shift from a long-standing home. Tribute Senior Living is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment founded on proven methods that enhance the overall welfare of elderly individuals.

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    Research-basedInterventional Care

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    Two decades of research and development


    A T.E.A.M. based approach


    24-hour Onsite Nursing


    On-staff medical director

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    On-site fitness 7-days a week


    Nutritional Coach

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    Move-in coordinator


    Brain fitness & engagement programs

    A Memory Care Methodology Based on Scientific Principles

    Our programs are crafted based on the Seven Dimensions of Well-being, which encompass various physical, mental, and spiritual health aspects. These dimensions comprise:

    • Social Wellness – Social interaction carries significant importance for the elderly. Cultivating solid bonds with family and friends forms the core of our philosophy, and we conscientiously work to provide ample chances for residents to connect and participate actively within their community.
    • Emotional Wellness – Providing emotional assistance to our residents is vital for nurturing their overall wellness. Understanding that seniors may experience a range of emotions, we ensure the ongoing availability of support groups, therapy sessions, and educational resources to address their emotional requirements effectively.
    • Spiritual Wellness – Given the varied interpretations of spirituality among individuals, Tribute Senior Living provides an extensive range of spiritual engagements. These activities encompass religious services, explorations, gardening, music, and diverse outlets for self-expression. Coming together to celebrate tranquility and unity constitutes the fundamental essence of our philosophy and approach.
    • Environmental Wellness – The environment in which we live can profoundly impact our emotional well-being. Acknowledging this fact, we incorporate a variety of environmentally conscious volunteer opportunities, employ organic products, and embrace a minimalistic approach for our residents. Through these actions, we aim to establish a setting that enhances their overall welfare and fosters a positive emotional state.
    • Occupational Wellness – While our residents may have entered retirement, their enthusiasm to remain actively involved in the fields they devoted decades to remains unwavering. Through partnerships with nearby communities, we facilitate mentoring, volunteering, and task-oriented prospects that empower our residents to continue effectively utilizing their skills and expertise.
    • Intellectual Wellness – Elevating cognitive wellness is central to our mission at Tribute Senior Living. We offer a diverse array of chances for residents to enhance their brain fitness, encompassing daily mental exercises, engagement in reading clubs, and frequent lectures covering a variety of subjects.
    • Physical Wellness – Fostering an energetic and health-conscious way of life stands as a core objective within our establishment. By offering physical rehabilitation services, wholesome meals, and regular exercise regimens, we enable our residents to enrich and uphold their holistic welfare.

    What Makes Our Memory Care Services Unique?

    Each resident deserves a safe and inviting space to age gracefully without feeling restricted. To bring this vision to life, we offer private and conveniently accessible suites that come with the following features:

    • Every suite comes with a private bathroom, offering an extra level of convenience and seclusion.
    • The suites are designed with walk-in showers to ensure accessibility and comfort.
    • Sink, and toilet areas in each suite are thoughtfully enhanced with depth-perception colored features, ensuring improved visibility and user-friendliness.
    • Custom-crafted memory care armoires are supplied in each suite, designed to cater to the distinct requirements of our residents.
    • Quiet air conditioning systems with individual thermostats are installed in our suites, enabling residents to tailor their comfort preferences.

    Recognizing that every person experiences a distinct aging journey, we’ve created three distinct neighborhoods within our establishment to address the diverse stages of impairment and care needs among our residents:

    • The Prairie Neighborhood delivers personalized assisted living care to individuals who don’t face cognitive impairment but may need aid with medication management and other daily activities.
    • The Mountain Neighborhood is dedicated to “enhanced assisted living,” addressing the needs of individuals with mild cognitive impairment. Here, we offer extensive assistance and reminders, acknowledging their active and engaged participation in daily life.
    • The River Neighborhood is meticulously crafted for those with advanced cognitive impairment. This neighborhood provides the utmost level of assistance and support, catering to the distinct requirements of these residents.

    Ready to Discover Excellence Senior Living in Frisco TX?

    What distinguishes us is our unique approach. We strongly emphasize the comprehensive well-being of senior citizens through the implementation of our Seven Dimensions of Wellness program, covering various facets of their overall health. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of programs that complement this approach. Our methods are founded on extensive research by our founders spanning multiple decades, establishing a secure environment underpinned by evidence-based practices.

    After delving into our extensive array of services, we’re enthusiastic about addressing any questions you might have. Please contact us at your convenience for more information about our cutting-edge facilities and comprehensive programs.

    “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”.

    – Misty Copeland