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Signs Your Loved One May Be in Age-Related Decline

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The holiday season is often a time when we see our families and loved ones, in some cases, for the first time in quite a while. For those with a senior loved one, who is advanced in age and especially living alone, it’s important to be alert to signs that they may suffer from memory decline.

Older people can be good at hiding signs of memory problems, especially if your contact is via phone or video call. So it can be a shock when we fully realize the extent of the problem. We hope this article will serve as a helpful resource to know better the difference between a harmless “senior moment” of forgetfulness and something requiring more immediate attention. Here are some signs to watch for when you visit them during the holidays:

  • Check for expired food in the refrigerator or no food at all
  • Showing signs of weight loss or dehydration
  • Bruises on their body or face
  • Observe their state of hygiene. Are they not bathing or wearing dirty clothes?
  • Unopened mail or unpaid bills
  • Missed appointments with their doctors
  • Misplacing items
  • Finding their items in odd locations (e.g., cell phone or keys in the fridge)
  • ….and more

To receive the full checklist, please get in touch with us, and one of our team members will reach out to you with a printable PDF checklist

Your Concerns Are Verified. What Now?

If you notice a few symptoms or changes, it is not necessarily a cause for concern. Still, if you see several changes or ones that you feel are very out of character for your senior loved one, they may require more assistance and support. Discuss your concerns with them, taking a light-hearted approach to avoid upsetting them. Collect the necessary information while you are there and start by suggesting they schedule an appointment with their physician. 

Becoming aware of our aging parents and their memory decline can be difficult to acknowledge, especially during the holidays, but being aware and looking out for the signs outlined in this article will ensure that you can help them live their lives as best as possible without resulting in any harm coming to them.

We hope this article has provided useful information on signs and symptoms of age-related decline to look for when visiting your senior loved ones this year. 

Tribute Is Here To Help

Since our inception in 2019, we have always been committed to changing our community members’ lives with our research-based and innovative approach to assisted living and memory care. We offer many intervention programs and believe that by incorporating brain neurobicsnutritionphysical activity, and inflammation reduction, our community members will regain lost abilities to live their lives to the fullest. Contact us for a complimentary assessment if you have questions or concerns about your senior loved one’s cognition.

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