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That’s Amazing! Celebrating the Accomplishments of Today’s Older Generation

The world seems to be changing faster than ever. New discoveries, faster technology, and more information is available to us today than ever before.

Have you ever stopped to think about the innovators and inventors who helped shape today’s world? The young, proud leaders in yesterday’s photos are today’s senior citizens! They’re grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and family historians, and they have amazing stories!

Check out this video of some of the oldest living actors and artists, many of whom are over 100 years old!

oldest living actors and artists 2

At Tribute, we are home to many wonderful seniors who have had an indelible effect on their communities and society. We have doctors, nurses, teachers, military personnel, FBI agents, coaches, and musicians, to name just a few. One resident even worked for Ronald Reagan during his presidency! As we celebrate National Senior Citizen Day this Saturday we are highlighting two of our residents who led impressive careers and continue to impact others in their golden years.

Dr. Robert, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Robert was known for his kind and caring demeanor with patients. He was born and raised in Plano and graduated from medical school at Texas Tech. After completing his anesthesiology residency at UTMB in Galveston, Dr. Robert moved back to McKinney to start his career. An avid outdoorsman, Dr. Robert loved hunting, fishing, and playing golf. He also had a lake house in Oklahoma where he loved to take his friends and family skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

Dr. Robert may exhibit signs of Alzheimer’s, but he has not forgotten how to care for others. The patience he had during his years as an anesthesiologist is evident in how he interacts with our professional staff and other residents. If another resident is unsteady, he will take their hand and help them walk. If someone needs help, he’s never far away, observing the situation to ensure everyone is cared for. Dr. Robert also has a great sense of humor and brings a smile to everyone who meets him!

Leslie, Hall of Fame Teacher & Coach

Leslie was a career educator and coach in French Lick, Indiana. In addition to teaching physical education and health, she coached varsity volleyball for 30 years and varsity cheer for 35 years.

Leslie is a two-time hall of fame recipient. She was inducted into the Springs Valley High School Hall of Fame for 40 years of leadership and service, and she was inducted into the Indiana High School Coaches Hall of Fame for Volleyball. Leslie holds the record for the most career wins – more than any other male or female coach in any sport – in the state of Indiana. She also celebrated her 70th birthday by swimming 70 laps in her high school’s Olympic-sized pool!

Her wisdom, knowledge, and encouraging attitude are still celebrated among her children, grandchildren, friends, and former students – many of whom have gone on to be coaches themselves.

Celebrate Your Loved One’s Accomplishments

The aging process undoubtedly places stress on the individual and the family as well, which is why it is so important to focus on the accomplishments of your senior loved one rather than dwell on their current situation. Stay tuned each month for more stories about our residents. It’s been an incredible experience learning about their significant contributions. And as always, if you ever have any questions regarding our facility or programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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