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The Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises for Physical and Mental Health

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October is Healthy Lungs Month, so we’d like to share some information with you about the benefits of deep breathing for seniors. Despite being such a simple practice, we can easily forget to do it. But it’s one of the most basic things we can do daily to improve our physical and mental well-being. 

Deep breathing is also known as abdominal, belly, or diaphragmatic breathing. It’s a form of focused and intentional breathing with many physical and mental health benefits for older adults. 

Deep breathing provides more oxygen to the brain, increasing energy levels and improving mental focus. It lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, so it’s one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and anxiety quickly. This can have a positive effect on various functions of the body and can result in better sleep. 

It’s so important to take time every day to practice deep breathing, and that’s why we are happy to announce that next month we will be starting a new program called Breathing 101. We’ll be working on improving our residents’ breathing and exploring different ways to increase their lung capacity. 

We hope you will join us, so please stay tuned for more information. We’ll be providing more details about the program soon. 

If you are caring for senior loved one and are looking for support, please join our support group to meet other family caregivers.

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