We are privately owned and locally managed, ensuring you will actually know the people making decisions for your loved one.

The very best senior care is about having an outstanding staff to provide for your loved one. The nationally recognized management team at Tribute Senior Living averages more than 25 years each of senior living experience and has selected a truly impressive team of caring and compassionate professionals. See for yourself how having the right team matters.

Specialty Staff That Others Have Missed

Dr. Bray  | Medical Director

Dr. Bray | Medical Director

Why a Medical Director?

Imagine having a doctor dedicated to Tribute who personally knows and works with each of our Directors and is part of our team. Collaborative evaluation with our onsite team is key to developing the best individualized plan for each resident. The medical director offers a level of medical oversight that is unavailable with an offsite physician. He can evaluate each resident in their home environment, a convenience for residents and families alike.

Tribute nursing staff

Why 24 hour on-site nursing?

Imagine your loved one has a medical problem after hours with no nurse on site to quickly and expertly evaluate the situation. Medical needs are not limited to business hours, which is why it’s important to have 24 hour on-site licensed nursing available for our residents. Our nurses are well equipped to handle health concerns or emergency situations. Exceptional care goes beyond just responding to unexpected situations — our nurses regularly observe and assess our residents, looking for signs of dehydration, medication side effects, or anything else that may be a concern. With consistent monitoring, we strive to catch issues before they become a problem.


Why a Wellness Director and what does she do?

A quality Wellness program is the key to giving your loved one a chance to truly thrive. We all know the importance of things like diet and exercise, but it’s difficult to stay motivated. The goal of our Wellness Director is to custom design a wellness plan for your loved one that is fun and easy, to keep them engaged and active every day.

That’s why Tribute features a dedicated Wellness Director who has over 20 years of experience in physical therapy and who is also a licensed massage therapist, aquatic therapist and personal physical trainer. She is amazing!

Why Caregiver Specialists?

Tribute has been designed to be a national leader in the complex and critically important care of those suffering from neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. Helping seniors go through such a difficult disease with dignity is no small challenge – but it is the greatest, and most important gift we can give. These conditions cause progressive damage to the brain that leads to challenging behaviors – behaviors that are often treated with medications that limit the resident’s quality of life and ability to fully function. Providing loving care in a way that empowers and enables, while maintaining a resident’s dignity, is a challenge that is typically beyond the capability of traditional care staff.

This is why Tribute recruits individuals with degrees in psychology and related fields. Our staff works to understand the realities the resident is experiencing and support them where they are. This is how we demonstrate dignified care, and we are committed to helping each resident make this journey with their dignity intact. If you want the best for your loved one, come and see for yourself what a difference a degreed Caregiver Specialist can make.


Peace of mind…

Did you know that Assisted Living communities are not required to provide care staff who are actually certified or licensed to provide care and dispense medications? This causes a lot of problems in facilities, especially as residents’ needs become more complex, and the accuracy of their medication management becomes more important. At Tribute, your loved one’s care is too important to be left to staff that are neither certified nor degreed.

Staff gathered at computers

Why Certified and Licensed Staff?


Typical Senior Living Facilities:

  • Caregiver – 16 hours of video training

  • Little or no nurse coverage after hours

  • No RNs involved, or RNs involved on a highly limited basis

The Tribute Difference:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant – 120 hours of clinical and classroom training plus 80 hours of our orientation, 200 hours total.

  • Caregiver Specialist – bachelors or related degree

  • 24/7 Licensed Vocational Nurse

  • Registered Nurse leadership


Teresa Whittington

Teresa Whittington
RN Executive Director

Dennis Briggs

Dennis Briggs
Director of Culinary Services

Renee Rachels

Renee Rachels
Director of Community Relations

Darla Lefler

Darla Lefler
Director of Community Outreach

Karen Clark

Karen Clark
Director of Life Enrichment