Tribute Senior Living Premiers Research-based
Assisted Living in Plano, TX

Tribute Senior Living is an assisted living community that is the brainchild of Charles Hodges, who lived through the reality of finding high-quality care for his father, who was experiencing the challenges of getting older. After realizing that assisted living facilities had several gaps in assisting those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, he created Tribute Senior Living with his colleagues Rex Payne and Mark Rushing, who were equally invested in the cause. After years of hard work and research, they created Tribute Senior Living: A community that applies a science-based approach to assisted living and memory care.

Tribute is by no means a traditional senior community. They offer both assisted living and memory care services, meaning they can serve a diverse population within the older adult community that may need to transition from traditional care to memory-related care. The assisted living unit is for older adults who need little or minimal care in daily living but have no cognitive impairment. The first level memory care community is for those experiencing mild memory problems with little need for physical support. Finally, the highest level of care is provided for those with more severe impairment and who need specialized care. This means that even if a resident ends up needing a higher level of care, they can continue to live within the community. Because of this, both areas of the community employ extremely high-qualified staff to take care of them.

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Family is Everything

Keeping family at the center of their mission, staff work with the families from before their loved one moves in and for the duration of their stay to ensure that anything they need is taken care of. Families are involved at every step of the process, from designing the residents’ room to creating their care plan.

Tribute Uses a Science-Based Approach

By using evidence-based practices as a main influence behind the standard of care, Tribute sets itself apart from other facilities. This unique approach blends creating a nurturing environment and innovative interventions to allow older adults to thrive in their golden years. Their brain fitness and neurobics program is designed with the intention of helping residents utilize their sensory skills to maintain the cognitive functioning they have — all the while helping them stimulate their memory in a way that involves creativity and learning new things. Ultimately, there is hope that residents’ participation in the neurobics program will help their memory and cognition to improve rather than continue to worsen.

Tribute also stays up-to-date on the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, employing both doctors, therapists and nutritionists who are directly involved in the research community. Since Tribute uses scientific concepts to continually improve the lives of their residents and those looking for assisted living care, the organization frequently updates their webpage with videos or articles from organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association and the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research Leadership Group.

Help is Just a Click Away

There are opportunities to become involved for older adults who don’t require full-time care in an assisted living or memory care community. Tribute’s “Fight Club” is open to the public and currently free to join. Following COVID-19 guidelines, the program is virtual; this means that seniors both in and out of Prosper, Texas can participate. The series of videos and activities focus on all aspects of aging health and well-being. Essentially, it is an extended version of the neurobics program that residents in the assisted living community can access.

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