Brain Fitness / Neurobics

“You have to train your mind like you train your body”
– Caitlyn Jenner

Brain Fitness / Neurobics

Our programs are created to improve concentration and memory, helping to regain lost abilities, and offset the effects of aging and/or memory-related diseases. We call it “neurobics”.

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In addition to our computer-based programs, we also have fun, brain-building activities that encourage socialization, including puzzles, board games, and card games we all love. We have developed a “hybrid” program that incorporates physical exercise with brain fitness simultaneously.

More importantly, we work to stimulate the brain through sensory based programs proven to ignite and recruit new sensory associations important to engage the circuitry required to truly exercise your brain. Our brains initially learned through our 5 senses, so we utilize these senses to spark the memory. By using these tools, we are exercising the ability to construct new associations, use spatial maps, motor memory, and exercise the proprioceptive sense and the olfactory system.

Brain training is as individual as each person. We provide programs that are general and help to maintain what a person already has, programs for learning new things and programs that are designed to assist residents with the abilities we all take for granted, simple tasks that allow us to continue self-care and maintain dignity.

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“Today’s mantra, you are not too old and it is not too late.”

– Nancy Badillo