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When seeking exceptional memory care home facilities in Plano, TX, look no further than Tribute Senior Living. Our community is an environment where older adults flourish — regardless of the memory or cognitive problems they may experience. Tribute Senior Living is designed to accommodate the needs of your loved ones at each stage of their aging process. See what amenities we provide and which location will work for you.

Our services incorporate all aspects of well-being

Our top-notch amenities provide our residents with everything they need for a well-rounded lifestyle. Based on our Seven Dimensions of Wellness philosophy, we offer many programs that can provide access to spiritual, social, emotional, environmental, occupational, and intellectual opportunities. This program is meant to help residents engage with their community and occupy their time with meaningful and engaging activities.

As part of this philosophy, we acknowledge that a person’s environment can heavily impact his quality of life. To make our residents comfortable, our suites are equipped with a rooftop heating and cooling system, individualized for each suite; natural lights designed to enhance sleep quality; and a Telecalm phone system.

As well as being comfortable, brain health is crucial to ensuring that our residents are happy and active within a memory care facility. Our cutting-edge Neurobics programs are created to improve concentration and memory. Our residents participate in virtual and in-person activities that stimulate brain activities that utilize all five senses. This is proven to ignite and recruit new sensory associations that truly exercise your brain.

We know that in addition to brain health, physical fitness is vital. Our Tribute Senior Living’s Fitness Director can help residents create a customized fitness plan. Residents also get access to our state-of-the-art fitness center to improve their fitness independently or take advantage of our group classes such as yoga and Tai Chi. Our Fitness Director reviews each activity for efficacy, appropriateness, and safety.

We believe engagement is a top priority because seniors who live an active and enhanced lifestyle are more satisfied and happier. Because our facilities are based on the latest cutting-edge aging research, we are constantly changing our programs to best fit the needs of our residents. We want our seniors to thrive.

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    Which specialized “neighborhood” is best for you?

    For those without cognitive impairment who have some independence, the Prairie neighborhood is a perfect choice. Prairie is perfect for those who have active lifestyles, in addition to offering minimal medical and physical support. Residents can choose either a one-bedroom or studio-style apartment. Shared units can be requested in exceptional circumstances. Each suite is equipped with a kitchenette and a large bathroom. Apartments provide an abundance of natural light and an open design.

    The Mountain neighborhood offers enhanced assisted living for people with mild levels of cognitive impairment. We understand the unique challenges involved in caring for a senior loved one, which is why we provide mild memory support while allowing residents to continue to remain engaged in the activities and events happening at Tribute.

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    Residents’ who suffer from moderate to total memory impairment will benefit from the River Neighborhood.  Here, we provide the most advanced and personalized support for memory care and attend to residents’ personal, physical, emotional, sensory, and health care needs.

    Part of our philosophy is to avoid locked wards. Therefore, for the safety of residents, each unit is provided with an emergency button that residents can wear or carry with them. Since our staff is highly trained and on-call 24/7, any potential situation can be addressed immediately.

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