A New Approach to Senior Living in Mckinney, TX

When searching for a senior living facility near McKinney TX, you undoubtedly want the best of the best, somewhere that makes the transition out of a lifelong home seamless and comfortable. Tribute Senior Living in Prosper TX creates a compassionate environment rooted in research-based practices that enhances the quality of life for all types of older adults.

A science-based approach to memory care

Our programs are based on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, which incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual health aspects. The seven dimensions are:

  • Social Wellness – Being socially active is extremely important for seniors. Maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends is central to our practice, so we make sure to provide as many opportunities for our residents to interact with each other and their community as possible.
  • Emotional Wellness – Providing emotional support to our residents is key to ensuring they can live healthy lives. Acknowledging that seniors can experience a range of emotions, we offer support groups, therapy, and psychoeducation for our residents at any time.
  • Spiritual Wellness – Because spirituality can mean different things to different people, we have a range of spiritual activities, including religious services and studies, gardening, music, and more. Coming together to celebrate peace and harmony is foundational to our practice at senior living home in McKinney TX.
  • Environmental Wellness – The environment that we live in can have a significant impact on our moods. Because of this, we incorporate as many eco-friendly volunteering opportunities, organic products, and a minimalist approach for our residents.
  • Occupational Wellness – Although our residents may be retired, many still desire to participate in the field they worked in for decades. By partnering with surrounding communities, we provide residents with mentoring, volunteering, and task-based opportunities to continue utilizing their skills and talents.
  • Intellectual Wellness – Brain fitness is a massive part of our mission at Tribute Senior Living. We offer ways to improve brain health through daily brain fitness activities, reading clubs, and regular lectures for our residents.seven
  • Physical Wellness – Living an active and healthy lifestyle is essential in our facility. By offering physical rehabilitation services, nutritious meals, and daily exercise routines, our residents can improve and maintain wellness in their lives.

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    How our memory care services are different

    Every resident deserves a safe space to age gracefully rather than feeling like they are locked away. To achieve this, we offer private and accessible suites that feature:

    • In-suite bathrooms
    • Walk-in showers
    • Depth-perception colored sink and toilet
    • Custom-made memory care armoires
    • Quiet air conditioning systems with a personal thermostat
    new approach to senior living

    Because every adult ages differently, we offer three different neighborhoods for residents based on their level of impairment and need for care:

    • The Prairie Neighborhood provides assisted living care for those who don’t have a cognitive impairment but still need some help with medications or other activities of daily living.
    • The Mountain Neighborhood is considered “enhanced assisted living” for those with mild cognitive impairment. We offer more in-depth assistance and reminders, acknowledging that these residents are still active and engaged.
    • The River Neighborhood is meant for those with higher levels of cognitive impairment. We offer the most assistance to these residents.

    Next steps for you and your loved one

    Our approach to senior living is much different than the rest. We focus on the holistic well-being of older adults through our Seven Dimensions of Wellness program and offer a wide variety of programs to go along with this. Our research-based practices create an environment for your loved ones that is safe and backed by evidence from decades of research by our founders

    After learning about all we have to offer, we would love to answer any questions you have. To learn more about our state-of-the-art facilities and programs, contact us here.

    Today’s mantra, you are not too old and it is not too late”.

    – Nancy Badillo