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A Message From Our President – Charles Hodges

charles hodges


The concept of fullness is a complex of physical, emotional & cerebral sensations that bring us happiness and satisfaction.

I experience fullness in many facets of my life. Most often, at a fish fry where I eat too much. Consuming life to its fullest is a worthy goal for all of us. 

I gain fullness on each visit to Tribute as I see residents thriving in physical and mental programs, many of whom have been our residents since our opening.

My heart is full seeing a dedicated staff give of themselves in caring for our residents with incredible patience, love, and physical efforts. Their hearts are undoubtedly full of empathy and love for all who are the family of Tribute.

I see a group of residents who are full of fight, battling each minute against the effects of aging and, in some cases, the ravaging effect of dementia. 

They are warriors in the daily war we wage. I experience an overwhelming fullness of gratitude for being granted the inspiration these residents bless us with every day.

I have seen the fitness classes swell with participation and the level of dedication each person brings each day, commonly wanting more activities and stimulation. Let their drive and life energy never wane, as they are the blessing that inspires the Tribute team.

Living a full life is achievable even with the physical limitations that aging delivers. If you want a full heart, I invite you to sit and listen to a resident play a beautiful piece of music on the guitar or piano. You discover there are stars in our midst still living at the highest level, star athletes at their personal sport. It will fill your heart beyond anything our material world can deliver.

This year is now half over, and I challenge our team to constantly raise our level of care and therapy and deliver our residents a fullness of life that is unmatched.

I am gratified to lead a team of professionals who give so much of their lives to the vision that is Tribute.

In full and complete Tribute to the family we are a part of, have a wonderful summer.


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