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Caring Hands, Healing Hearts – How Our Nurses Positively Impact The Lives of Our Residents

Meet our incredible nurses – the unsung heroes of our community! Their unwavering dedication and care bring joy to our beloved residents every day. Join us in celebrating their tireless efforts to ensure the comfort and well-being of those in their care.

Tribute realizes the importance of nursing care in the assisted living and memory care environment, which is why we staff a nurse 24 hours a day in our community.  Care doesn’t stop at 5PM, nor does our exceptional nursing care!

Each of us has encountered the heartfelt impact that these extraordinary individuals bring to the healthcare field, and we wish to convey our deep appreciation and respect. Allow us to highlight a few exceptional individuals from Tribute Senior Living who have made a profound difference through their nursing contributions:

rafaetOriginally hailing from Nigeria, Rafaet has been a proud U.S. resident for over 20 years. With a decade-long nursing career, she has extensive experience supporting seniors’ needs in senior care facilities. Since joining Tribute in 2020, Rafaet has developed a deep affection for the work environment and holds the well-being of our residents as her highest priority.

screenshot 20230515 103140After starting her nursing career in urgent care, Flo transitioned to working in pediatrics and nursing homes and eventually found her calling in assisted living. Originally from Kenya, she made her way to Texas through West Virginia. With a blissful 17-year marriage, Flo cherishes the moments spent cooking alongside her two daughters. Witnessing the joy and contentment of her patients serves as her driving force to continually strive and provide even better care for them.

salvyaSyliva is our Director of Nursing and has fourteen years of experience in sub-acute, skilled nursing, and long-term care. She has a genuine passion for caring for the elderly, is certified in Alzheimer’s and Memory Care services, and participates in annual Alzheimer’s walks to help end the disease.

And we would be amiss not to acknowledge the outstanding support that Lilian, Charles, and Caroline provide our residents and their lasting impact on our community here at Tribute.

We Can’t Thank Our Nurses Enough!

The nurses at Tribute Senior Living embody our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional care and support to our residents. They hold the role of the heart and soul of our community. We express our utmost gratitude to these extraordinary professionals who wholeheartedly devote themselves to the well-being of others. Their compassion, expertise, and unwavering commitment have profoundly impacted our residents’ lives, fostering an environment filled with healing, comfort, and joy. To each and every one of you, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the significant difference you make every day.

We Are Here To Help

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