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Ensuring Safe and Effective Medication Use with Personalized Pharmacy Care

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In a time when healthcare costs are ever-increasing and patient populations come from diverse backgrounds, pharmacists have become indispensable healthcare team members. From monitoring medication therapy to providing counseling on the proper use of pharmaceuticals, there is no doubt that our pharmacists work diligently to keep us well and safe from illness.

Pharmacist Day

On January 12th, the US celebrated Pharmacist day, where pharmacists are recognized for their dedication to providing life-saving treatments and medications for our residents. Pharmacist Day is not just about recognizing these professionals – it helps to remind us of their role and to take part in special events and activities that pay tribute to these valuable caregivers. Partnerships with pharmacists can improve seniors’ overall health and well-being, especially those with memory care problems.

Pharmacists are indispensable members of the Tribute Senior Living healthcare team, and they play a vital role in our community, complementing the work of our physician, nurse, and care staff. As healthcare concerns continue to rise and our aging resident population becomes ever more diverse, the pharmacist’s contribution grows in importance, especially for those with memory impairment.

The Importance of Pre-Packaging and Delivery

Tribute’s pharmacists deliver our resident’s medications directly to our 24-hour nursing care community. The prescriptions always arrive in blister packs or clearly labeled bottles, with detailed instructions about the proper selection and usage. They also share information about proper dosages, possible side effects and offer advice on best managing medications for elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions. This assists the med aids and nursing team in reducing or eliminating medication errors.

Because they are directly involved in patient care, Pharmacists play a huge part in each patient’s recovery and play a vital role in empowering seniors both at home and in senior living communities. 

Many senior residents may see more than one doctor, so they may not know everything they are taking. That’s why we encourage everyone to take their medications to their pharmacist to help ensure that there are no harmful drug interactions and confirm they have not expired. Your pharmacist is there to help you, and we are fortunate to include them as part of our extended care team at Tribute.

Tribute Is Here To Help

Since our inception in 2019, we have always been committed to changing our community members’ lives with our research-based and innovative approach to assisted living and memory care. We offer many intervention programs and believe that by incorporating brain neurobicsnutritionphysical activity, and inflammation reduction, our community members will regain lost abilities to live their lives to the fullest. Contact us for a complimentary assessment if you have questions or concerns about your senior loved one’s cognition.

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