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4 months ago · · Comments Off on Honoring Carla Tatum: Our Inaugural Resident and Beloved Friend

Honoring Carla Tatum: Our Inaugural Resident and Beloved Friend

honoring carla tatum: our inaugural resident and beloved friend

Our hearts are filled with both sorrow and gratitude as we remember our dear friend, Carla Tatum, who gracefully departed from us on January 17, 2024. Carla holds a unique position in our community as Tribute’s inaugural resident, but she was much more than that – she was a radiant presence, a source of joy, and a cherished friend to us all.

Carla had a remarkable way of infusing joy into every corner of our community. From her infectious laughter to her thoughtful gestures, she left an indelible mark on our hearts. As our resident card writer and deliverer, Carla brought smiles to our resident’s faces with her heartfelt birthday wishes or words of encouragement when someone needed a pick-me-up. Her cards were more than just pieces of paper; they were tokens of her love and care for each of us.

She was the life of our social gatherings, always organizing games and recruiting participants, albeit reluctant ones, choosing movies for movie nights, and ensuring that everyone had their popcorn and sodas. Her energy was contagious, and her presence lit up the room.

Carla was also a talented seamstress, spending countless hours creating beautiful table runners, coasters, and tissue holders in the sewing room. Her creations added warmth and charm to our community, reflecting her generous spirit and creative soul.

And let’s not forget her love for music! She was the Tribute Band’s biggest fan and could often be found dancing along to their tunes with a smile on her face. Her laughter filled our halls, bringing joy to all who heard it.

While Carla may no longer be with us in person, her spirit lives on in the memories we shared with her and our community. We can feel her absence since her passing, but we feel privileged to have been part of her life for the past five years.

As we celebrate her life, let us cherish the moments we shared and the joy she brought into our lives.

Farewell, dear Carla. You will always hold a special place at Tribute and in our hearts 🤍

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