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Tribute Employee Spotlight: Debbie Perry RN/ED

Dear Residents, Staff & Families

I would like to start by saying “THANK YOU” for being a part of such a wonderful community.

 A community that is made up of a group of people that share interest and goals. Everyone that is reading this has a common goal and that is to take care of our residents & loved ones. That is exactly what we do everyday at Tribute.

2020 was definitely a year for the books and one that we do not need to read over to remember how it has been.  In the midst of all that this year has held with so many heartaches, scares, tears and many many fears that we have all faced everyday, I still wanted to stop and find the many things that we all can say that we are all grateful for. That is life, health, strength and for sure it has taken a lot of prayers for me personally and daily asking for our residents, staff and families to remain safe and healthy, along with prayers for peace & comfort for all of the ones who have suffered loss of loved ones during this year.

 As 2020 came to a end I personally found myself doing a lot of reflecting and realized even with the year being so hard that I never want to forget how far we have come, everything that we have gotten through. All the time that we have had to push on even when we felt like we couldn’t . All the mornings we had to get out of bed no matter how hard or afraid we felt with not knowing what we would face that day.

I suddenly realized that this year has helped most of us realize how much I took the little things for granted like going out to dinner with friends, going to movies, going on vacations, going shopping at any time for any or no reason at all, and the list goes on. Once again a feeling of guilt and yet gratitude I felt and knew that these things would be what I will count as blessings going forward.

2020 helped most of us do what we could, with what we had, with where we were at.

Happy New Year

A new year, 2021 has now unfolded with new opportunities to explore, doors will be open for new experiences, many new adventures ahead.  I believe after the former things of this past year that we will be blessed with many wonderful days ahead.

Thank you for making Tribute a part of your families everyday. I look forward to getting to have face to face meetings and getting more acquainted in the days to come.  Again, from my heart to your home Happy New Years.


Debbie Perry RN/ED

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