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2 years ago · · Comments Off on A Welcome Addition to our Fitness Intervention Program!

A Welcome Addition to our Fitness Intervention Program!


In early spring, we added an incredible new system to our exercise program, and our residents are already benefitting from it! After much research, we purchased an Omnicycle® Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System. While it looks like an exercise bike, it is so much more than that. It is an active assisted rehabilitation system for strength training the legs and improving balance. We already had several upper body equipment options, so this is an excellent addition to our exercise offering to our residents.  Check out their website for a complete list of features and benefits of the system. 

Positive Results!

While we have only just added this system to our program, our residents are already seeing the benefits the system brings to their health.

omnicycle 1Before using the Omnicycle®, our resident, Jack, relied on a scooter to get around and could not walk very well, or often. Since first using the Omnicycle® in March, he has lost 20+ pounds, can now walk with his walker instead of being confined to a wheelchair, and is starting to see equal strength in both legs. He is thrilled with his results and enjoys not only how much better he feels but how much freedom he has gained by being able to walk again!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about this new system or the other intervention programs we offer to our residents!

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