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A Message From Our President: Charles Hodges

charles hodgesA Breath of Fresh Air

As the summer heat wanes, Tribute has begun to turn inside out.

Over the next two months, activity at Tribute will concentrate on fresh air—both inside the building and outside our campus.

Breathing is something we take for granted. Since it’s automatic, we tend to think the body is just doing it for us – which is true, but if we think about it more, we could do it much better.

One of our intervention programs at Tribute focuses on caring for our bodies and brains by increasing fitness, improving muscle, balance, and endurance, and delivering higher oxygenated blood to the brain.

Imagine the brain as a race car trying to operate on low-octane fuel and a clogged air filter. It won’t win any races. Our vascular system is the fuel line, and our brain is equal to the race engine. It needs clean, high-quality fuel and air to run at high speed. A clean air filter is a happy engine. 

The fitness program at Tribute is growing in participation, and our programs are expanding. On a visit this week, I saw our largest fitness class ever, and it made me so excited to see our resident athletes and staff living the vision of Tribute.

In the coming days and weeks, we will concentrate on the efficiency of our lungs as we add Breathing 101 to our intervention program. For the past two years, we were masked and sequestered, doing anything but breathing correctly. It’s time to re-learn the correct method to breathe fully and efficiently. 

We will study meditative breathing techniques and learn how to exhale fully. If we don’t fully exhale, we leave behind used air and unexercised parts of our lungs, and exhaling is more important than inhaling. Furthermore, meditative breathing with full exhales builds lung efficiency and delivers oxygen to the blood and onto the brain.

If you don’t wash out the coffee pot, there will always be grounds at the bottom. It’s the same with our lungs. Our goal is clean fuel and clean air to help our brains to win the race against aging.

Always in Tribute to our residents,

Charles Hodges

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