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New Brain Training Programs In 2022


We strive to provide the best care and advanced programs available in senior living. We continuously search for the latest technology, studies, and best practices for our residents. One of the programs we are focusing on in 2022 is our brain training intervention program, or as we call it at Tribute, brain neurobics.

There are so many options available for “brain training,” but which ones are best? Which actually work, and how do they work? This is exactly what we’ve been asking and searching out.

Medicare suggests that Brain HQ, Cognifit, and Game Show are options that “work.” There are also simple games such as:

Do these really work? What brain functions do they support or increase? The bigger question may be, what about those who are already experiencing memory loss? Will these programs help them?

Can we stimulate the brain to re-learn, or can we re-activate what was once there? Can a senior, possibly even with dementia, learn something new and retain it?

The answers are unclear

We want to find out – This is what motivates us to move forward in 2022 with programs like the ones you’ve seen above, but also including Montessori techniques, Neurobics, Sensory re-training, and Affect adjustments. We will be introducing these programs to our residents a bit at a time this coming year and will keep you posted on the progress on which are working, which are not, and why. We will continue to use Dakim, a computer-based program we use to gauge where the person’s baseline is when they move in and whether it is improving, declining, or maintaining.

To learn more about each of these programs, click the applicable links below:

Our Next Steps

Finding the right solution for improving memory loss is no easy task, which is why we are going to tackle it one step at a time. By introducing programs slowly we will be able to monitor their effectiveness best. If you have any questions regarding the programs we are planning for 2022 within our brain neurobics program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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