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Walk With Us To Raise Awareness for World Alzheimer’s


Every September, Alzheimer’s Awareness Month informs and creates consciousness about a medical condition affecting over 5.8 million people in the United States and over 50 million worldwide. Tribute Senior Living community is a passionate participant in raising awareness, providing support, and actively aiding research and efforts to find a cure.

 In this post, we will talk about why we are so involved in Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, what it is, what you can expect, and what you can do if you would like to join us on our local Alzheimer’s awareness walk this month.

 The Importance of Alzheimer’s Awareness

Our goal is to learn as much as we can about Alzheimer’s and to use the knowledge to provide better support to our residents. The more we understand, the closer we get to providing proper accommodations to those in need. This is why awareness matters, not only within our community. 

 With Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, more people get the opportunity to learn about a condition that is currently affecting millions of people from all around the globe. World Alzheimer’s Day falls on the 21st of every September.

 It is a common misconception that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are natural processes as we age, and this isn’t true. Knowing the symptoms and what to look for is essential to getting the necessary support early. 

 Research is constantly advancing, and with every update and discovery, we do our best to adapt our methods and services to accommodate residents with Alzheimer’s better.  

 Alzheimer’s in the United States

While over 5.8 million people live with Alzheimer’s in the United States, the Alzheimer’s Association projects that by 2060, the numbers will have tripled. With such troublesome statistics, it is crucial to take these advances seriously, spread awareness, and push for funding for additional research.

 There is not yet a cure or any known way to stop the progression of the illness, but staying physically and mentally active is believed to have positive benefits that could potentially slow it down. By staying up-to-date with current research, we can ensure our programs benefit those who have Alzheimer’s or who are at risk.

 How Tribute Contributes to Alzheimer’s Awareness

Perhaps, one person or organization can’t change the world, but everyone can do something. At Tribute Senior Living, we believe in the power of the ripple effect. And, if we can get one more person engaged in spreading awareness, that person will pass on the torch to someone else. 

It is important to understand that anyone can get or, in other ways, become affected by Alzheimer’s, and the work we put in now benefits us all.

 Spreading Awareness

September is a great month to open up for a conversation about an uncomfortable subject like Alzheimer’s. No one wants to think about it until it happens to you or someone you know, but it’s out there and shouldn’t be ignored or feared. We aim to educate while also continually learning about Alzheimer’s, and we consider it our duty to our residents and community. 

 Supporting Our Residents

Tribute Senior Living is a safe space for everyone who chooses to move in, but we want to do more. We want to tailor our services and available activities to our community members’ needs, including those who have Alzheimer’s and dementia

 A science-based approach is used to develop these activities and accommodations, and our Intervention Programs are designed to promote maximal health and well-being among our residents. Here are some of the programs we currently offer:

  • Nutrition
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Neurobics (Brain Fitness)
  • Physical Fitness
  • Engagement Programs

 Each of the programs above has its own specific benefits for Alzheimer’s patients and for those simply aiming to live a healthy life as a senior citizen.

 Join Us on the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The whole month of September is dedicated to raising awareness, and we hope the result will be that you choose to join us for the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. On Saturday, October 22nd, 2022, we walk to further spread awareness and aid and support the Alzheimer’s Association’s relentless research efforts. Please consider donating if you cannot physically join us on the day of the walk. Ending Alzheimer’s is all of our responsibility. The Tribute Senior Living community is dedicated to caring for its residents with Alzheimer’s but is also hopeful for a future with more favorable Alzheimer’s statistics. Join us in our efforts to make a difference.

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