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September: A Month Dedicated to Awareness and Celebration

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September is here and brings with it many reasons to celebrate. For example, we celebrate Grandparents Day and Healthy Aging this month at Tribute! Healthy aging is something we practice daily through our activities and routines, with brain training, physical exercise, balanced nutrition, and efforts to reduce inflammation. Still, this month is a perfect excuse to raise awareness, share experiences and learn something new.

Here are some of the September celebrations and events to look forward to.

Grandparents Day

grandchildrenMany, if not most, of Tribute Senior Living’s residents are grandparents, which is worth celebrating. This year, Grandparents Day falls on September 11th, but it changes yearly as it is celebrated on the Sunday after Labor Day. Spending the day with grandchildren is popular throughout the senior living community, and even if you don’t have grandkids of your own, perhaps there is someone else who has a special place in your heart.

The tradition was made official by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, after a long campaign held by Marian McQuade. The official Grandparents Day song is Johnny Prill’s “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,”—elected by the National Grandparents Day Council. The Forget-Me-Not is the officially selected flower.

At Tribute, we provide multiple opportunities for seniors to engage with people of all ages. Check out our Facebook page to see all the fun we have at Tribute! 

Cholesterol Month

High cholesterol is common in seniors, and stroke and heart attacks are only two risks associated with this condition. Medication is available to reduce cholesterol, lower LDL levels, and promote a healthier body and heart. Other key strategies to prevent and reduce high cholesterol are maintaining a healthy lifestyle with nutritious meals and physical exercise, which we are very passionate about at Tribute.

September is a month to spread knowledge and awareness about the seriousness of high cholesterol and what you can do to boost your health in your senior years.

Yoga Awareness Month

yoga awarenessJust because it is Yoga Awareness Month doesn’t mean we should only do Yoga in September. However, it is a great excuse to get started for new people!

Yoga is part of our fitness program here at Tribute Senior Living, but did you know that yoga is one of the most beneficial exercise forms for seniors? Yoga improves balance and flexibility, which can help reduce the risk of injury and body pain. Stronger bones and muscles benefit everyone, especially as we get older.

Yoga also boosts the immune system, reduces stress and the risk of depression, makes you feel good, and helps you sleep better. It is a form of exercise that is 100% customizable, and that can be adapted to your needs and physical abilities. It also promotes better breathing practices. Check out this link to learn proper breathing techniques. 

Pain Awareness Month

Most experience pain at some point, but it isn’t discussed enough. September is dedicated to raising awareness and pushing for better research and improved pain management strategies.

Pain can present itself in multiple ways, from feeling tense and uneasy to experiencing pain affecting your ability to enjoy life. While pain can be temporal, it can also be chronic. In both cases, there are productive ways to manage pain and improve quality of life. Learning to set yourself up for success is crucial, as proper pain management can look different depending on the cause and symptoms. 

For those seniors suffering from dementia, pain can be even more challenging. It is hard for them to communicate their pain to others, so it is often overlooked and can lead to a lack of sleep, irritability, behaviors, outbursts, or a refusal to participate in life.

Learn more about how to identify pain in your senior loved one

Malnutrition Awareness Week 

As we age, cooking nutritious meals becomes more of a hassle. Not only can it be harder to make frequent trips to the supermarket for the proper ingredients, but it can also be challenging to follow complex recipes or remember to eat when we are supposed to. As a result, malnutrition in seniors living at home is widespread. 

Malnutrition causes physical weakness and mental exhaustion and can harm bones, joints, and overall health, leading to irreparable damage or making one more prone to serious injuries. In our community, meals are carefully prepared to meet the nutritional needs of each of our community members, and food intake is closely monitored.

Many seniors with dementia can’t tell when they are hungry, some eat all the time, and some forget to eat. Pay close attention to how much your senior loved one is eating and the nutritional value. Even if they seem to be eating well or all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re getting proper nutrition. If you are concerned your loved one may not be getting proper nourishment, talk to their doctor about supplements.

If you don’t live near your senior loved one or can’t get there often, there are programs that can help

Fall Prevention and Rehab Week

It is surprisingly common to think of falling as a normal part of the aging process, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be that way. With approximately 36 million reported falls among senior citizens annually and thousands that go unreported, we are looking at worrisome statistics. A fall is more likely to result in injury the older we get, but there are many ways to prevent it.

 The best strategy is to keep your body strong, and at Tribute, we use Yoga and physical exercise to promote balance and physical health. Both have been proven to reduce the likeliness of a fall and the risk of serious injury in the case of an incident.

Tribute also offers onsite rehab through a partnership with Ageility for the best care options for those recovering from a fall. There is also a balance program that may be offered near you that teaches better balance and awareness.

Here is a link to information about an evidence based approach to improving your balance.

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Tribute Senior Living is preparing for a month full of important events. We would love to share our knowledge and available services with our community members and those interested in coming to live or having someone come live with us. Get in touch now for more information and learn more about how we work to provide healthy and happy living arrangements for seniors.

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