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Employee Spotlight: Veronica Ozuah

veronica ozuah

Meet Veronica Ozuah, one of our great Medication Aides at Tribute. Veronica was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, located in West Africa. We are proud to let Veronica tell you her story, in her own words.

I was the first of nine children, including six brothers and two sisters. Unfortunately, three of my brothers have passed away. I was married for several years before my husband passed away in 2000. Our marriage was blessed with five children—three sons and two daughters. All are college graduates in various professions. I also have grandchildren here in the US and in my country.

All of my training, certifications, and college degrees were in teaching. I taught high school Fine Arts/Art History for almost 30 years (1982 to 2010). On retirement, I relocated to the US to assist in taking care of my grandkids who were still very young at the time. After a while I found that I needed a change of pace and had too much energy to stay home when the kids were at school, and my son and his wife were at work. And, since I did not wish to continue teaching, my daughter-in-law, a healthcare professional, suggested some healthcare areas which I might be interested in working. That was when I decided to train as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I worked for some time in that capacity and then advanced my education to train as a Certified Medication Aide (CMA). Since that time, I have worked more as a medications aide in several facilities. I was not ready for the rigors and stress of pursuing another college degree.

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